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United Funeral Services is supposed to transport bodies in a safe and respectful manner. Facts are listed by number. Again, facts not opinion.

#1 Driver was 1 hour 45 minutes late for pickup!

#2 All 4 transport van tires were bald with one that was nearly flat at about 20 psi.

#3 The driver cruised 75mph on the 202 FWY with above said bald tires and one extremely low pressure tire thereby endangering my life and other motorist lives. Offered driver 3 times a free fill up on the air pump.

#4 Driver did not practice any universal precautions even though there was body fluids present. In essence; he did not "glove up" or wash his hands.

#5 Owner does not return phone calls or emails regarding complaints.

#6 Drivers are 10-99 independent contractors to avoid having to pay SSA taxes, health benefits, and unemployment. Drivers come and go due to the working conditions.

#7 The owner Kraig Kee Kudge, lives in a very posh NW Peoria subdivision while the drivers have to work grueling 12 and 14 hour days, 5 days a week at the equivalent of less than minimum wage.

#8 Do yourself a favor and stay far from this company unless you have money, time to burn and enjoy conflicts.

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Do you know how much they pay the drivers?Per pick up or per hour?

And how much?Thx

to Anonymous #1133038

$22 per pick up regardless of how long it takes

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I had the opportunity to start as a Trainee with UFS a couple of years back, and let me say that I had the greatest respect for both of the Drivers I had the fortune to work with in Yavapai County......

They held the greatest respect at each assignment, took the time to explain the process that they were to experience, and took great care in doing the transport.

I am sorry that I was not able to complete my training with this company, I know that I would have gained a lot of experience that would have helped later in life.

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Actually this guy was a trainee.I was his trainer and was present during these allegations.

But truth be told the only that was horrific was this guys attitude and his inability to be normal. I picked him up and had to drop him back off less than two hours later because he was not capable to do the job. United Funeral Service has been serving funeral homes and families in the valley for over 25 years. Funeral homes do not trust companies like that because of "horrific experiences." As a matter of fact UFS has been reputable and successful because we do not hire people like this.

I just happened to come across this and had to set the record straight.

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Wait, you with your XRAY eyes could tell that the tire was at 20psi, *** I want you on my "guess how many jellybeans are in this jar team" with ninja skills like that you are some sort of rainman...So ill break this down...

you felt as if life was slipping away, like there were no other options that day, you just lost a loved one and pissed so you took it out on the driver...SHIZZZZZ i want to be like you when i grow up.

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